Posted on : March 31, 2020
Written By : Zakir Kaldane
How to prevent the coronavirus

Safety and Health are every countrys first priority. Recently at the end of the month of January, the world health organisation had declared the Covid19 (coronavirus) as a global public health emergency.
Since then almost all the countries have implemented new laws and various techniques to completely minimize the effect of the coronavirus. With many cities under lockdown and sanitization taking place in almost every city in the world, we have to take certain measures to save the world by staying uninfected.

Ways to reduce the risk and prevent it:

1. Stay at home as much as possible.

2. Wear a face mask indoors and outdoors (watch a video on how to wear a face mask the right way)

3. Use hand sanitizers and soap frequently (very helpful)

4. Maintain a spacial distance of at least 2 meters from individuals.

5. Wear gloves outside in the public (dispose immediately after use)

6. Avoid touching your face, nose and mouth without gloves or even with gloves on, as the contamination can happen on the surface of the gloves.

7Avoid physical contact for greeting an individual as the other person might even not know the presence of coronavirus due to its symptoms taking time to show.

8Avoid traveling outside or even to the supermarket.

9. Finally, seek medical care as early as possible if you seem to feel any changes in body.