8 Tips on how to be Productive at work
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how to be productive at work place

How to be Productive at work is our topic for this article.

Productivity is that quality which each one of us would like to improve specially we want to be productive at our work place. Every person tries out different ways to be productive at work place and the fact is sometimes even some simple disciplines and changes would help us to move our productivity to a new level.

In modern times, companies spend a lot of time and money to find ways for successful time management and productive teamwork. Management experts are hired to teach the staff how to become more productive and software are bought to track the employee's performance during the working period.

In the 20th century the eight hour working day was standardized according to labor standards before which people used to work for about 40 hours per week and they believed that by working so they would be more productive. Since then lot of new theories and research has been done as to how to become productive at work place.

For some people its quite easy to adapt a new routine in their work schedule but for other it is indeed a painful process and they really find it difficult to be productive in spite of their wish to do so. It always seems that the day passed by without any productive work.

So let us peep into the process of how we can become more productive at work.

At the face it might appear that we need to do everything just right away and solve all problems instantly but this is a wrong approach. Sometimes you really need to slow down and allow yourself to relax and instead to just madly rushing into action think properly of ways the tasks can be done more efficiently. When you do this you are chalking out ways for smart work rather than just rush into action without proper planning and do the work obliviously not in the best of ways.

It is very important to find the right way to do a task efficiently and for that you have to complete the task in your head first before starting it physically.

One of the most important thing according to recent researches about work place productivity is the ability to take regular breaks. It is a proven fact that the most successful and productive employees work at a stretch for around 52 minutes and then take a small break of 17 minutes. This 17 minutes break should be enough to relax a person from the current work and put him back into focus for the job again.

In fact highly productive people don't even work 8 hours. It has been proven scientifically that the secret of performing at high levels is not to work longer but to work in a smart way and take regular breaks. Along with this you should have a goal to accomplish the task in the given period of time without getting distracted by other things.

So let us see How to become more productive at work ?

Begin your day early

All successful and productive people tend to be early risers. Even though its difficult to say that the morning hours would be the most productive working hours according to your habits but its easy to move the hardest part of the work to the beginning of the day.

Ways to be more productive at work:

Stay focused: You need to concentrate on the main tasks that needs to be completed and not get distracted by other issues which don't require your immediate attention. It is always smart to solve the problems as and when they come up to increase your productivity.

Create a schedule for the day: Make a list of tasks you have on hand and schedule time for the completion of each task. This to do list is my personal favorite method and I have found it to be super effective when it comes to the matter of productivity. When we have a deadline for a task and we keep ourself diciplined to complete it in the allotted time, our mind will give full focus to the task and you will be able to complete your tasks with a high level of efficiency.

Avoid responding to all notifications from your Mobile phones: Don't lose your focus when doing a particular task, discipline yourself to attending your phone only during the break time or only in case of emergency. A task done without distraction is just like driving a car from one place to another without applying any brakes, which will definitely cover a long distance against the car moving with brakes being applied even now and then.

Ask for help: Learn how other people are managing their time productively, its always good to learn from the experience of other people. Always keep up your discipline towards the set goals towards the completion of the tasks.

Use Technology: Nowadays lot of readymade templates for various tasks are available online, use them to save your time.

Delegate: Don't be “I will do it all” type of person. Do only those tasks which require your prime attention and try to delegate the remaining tasks to others.

Reward yourself: Reward yourself sometimes, when you feel that you have really done a good job. This creates a positive impact on your subconscious mind which will help you to repeat the process of excellency again and again. The rewards need not be big, it can be as small as a hot chocolate treat or a spicy burger at your local cafe.

Be aware : Always be aware of yourself being more and more productive when you do so you will think and come up with ways to become more and more productive everyday.

We hope that these tips will improve your productivity at your work place. Do share it with your near and dear ones.

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