8 Tips on how to boost sexual stamina and last longer in bed.
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In this article we tell you of tips and tricks as how to boost sexual stamina and last longer in bed. Everyone on this planet has one thing in common, one desire which is found in everyone whether he is poor or rich, old, or young and that is to perform well in bed. Being able to perform well in bed boosts your self confidence and keep you active and energetic. Different people try different methods to enhance their sexual performance.

Relax: You can’t imagine what relaxation can do for your sexual performance. Just before going to bed just relax, take around 20 deep breaths, breathing in, holding your breath for a few seconds, and then releasing your breath slowly. During this process visualize all stress moving out of your body and you feeling light and energetic. Practice this exercise and see the wonderful results not only in sexual performance but in other fields of your life.

Use Lubrication: Experiments have confirmed that men who prefer to use lubricants while sexual performance perfume better and stay longer so you can try this tip and see the effects on yourself.

The importance of Foreplay: You should always start with a mind to prolong the sexual process. The important step in this is then not to jump directly to intercourse, which in fact can be painful for your partner but engage in foreplay. Arouse your partner with some passionate kisses all over the body, let the excitement build up slowly.

Make your pelvis muscles strong: Pelvic muscles play an important role in your sexual life so its necessary to make them strong which in turn will help you to perform better and longer. Many exercises like squats, bench press along with Kegel exercises can be tried. This will not only help you for a longer sexual period but also it will help you to have strong erections. If these exercises seem to be too much for you then even simple stretching will do wonders to improve your stamina.

Avoid eating just before sex: Its healthy not to eat just before sex so that your energies are used completely for your sexual performance and not in the digestion activity.

Have adequate amount of sleep: Your body should be sufficiently rested so do take your sleep seriously. You should sleep no less than 7-8 hours. This will keep you active and focus during your other activities including your sexual activity.

Avoid Stress: Stress can kill your sex life completely so never go for a sexual session with a stressed mind. Always make sure that you are relaxed before an act of sex, this will help you to perform better and enjoy it to the fullest.

Practice to control your orgasm: This is one of the secrets of long-lasting performance in bed.  Practice to never reach your climax in one shot. Just before you reach your climax stop for a few seconds and restart the process, with practice you will gain better control on your ejaculation and be able to perform a lot better in bed.




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