How to improve your english ?
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In today's article we will discuss how to improve your english ?

English is one of the most widely used language worldwide. Its an official language of many countries around the world. Its always an added advantage if you are able to speak in the English language fluently and with confidence. Here we will see some important tips as to how to improve your English.

Practice, Practice and Practice:  If there is one single thing which if you do will help you to improve your English, then this is it. You need to keep practising to speak in English. Don’t worry about the mistakes, keep on speaking in English and soon you will not only be able to speak fluently in English but also you will improve your pronunciation.

Use your phone: Did you know that your smart phone can do wonders in helping you to improve your English. Use your phone to record yourself then listen back and analyse what needs to be improved. This will dramatically help you to improve your English.

Listen to news in English:  Listening is an amazing art and always have tons of benefits. Listening to English news will not only help you in grasping the English language but also help in knowing more and more words of the english language.

Watch english Films: This is an amazing tip. You watch english films concentrate on the new words, check out how the actors are pronouncing it and you will learn to speak in english very fast.

Read: Reading your topics of interest in english will help you to improve your english. Reading will not only bring fluency in your speaking, but it will also improve your brain power, so you get double benefit from a single activity.

Add one word to your vocabulary every day: Always try to find new words in english when you are reading or listening or watching anything in the english language. Next check out the meaning of these words and then try to make as many sentences as possible for you using these words. You will be amazed at the results if you do this exercise.

Revise your vocabulary: As humans it takes some time for some information to sink in our heads permanently, so its important that we revise our newly founded words on a regular basis till they become a part of our daily vocabulary.

Attend programs: Its advisable to attend various community programs which are being conducted in english. In this way you will get to know a lot of people and you can practice your english skills by communicating with other people attending the programs.

Talk to yourself: This is another good step that you can take to improve your english. Prepare a script on a subject which interests you most then stand in front of a mirror and give a talk in english to yourself. You will see unbelievable results if you practice this way to improve your english.

Hope you found the above tips interesting, so go ahead and become a pro speaker in the english language.





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